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August 20, 2010
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Dren anatomy - Skeleton by Schytelizard94 Dren anatomy - Skeleton by Schytelizard94
Another "anatomical" sketch about Dren from "Splice", maybe this won't be the last :D
The human skeleton on the right (male) is there just to see the differences.
Dren skeleton was not so hard to do, a part the fifth missing finger on the hand, her skeleton is from the forehead to the legs basically human.
The problem was drawing legs. Not because they were hard, but I went out crazy with proportions.
The reason is that in one backstage video The actress who plays dren (Delphine Chančac) said that to make her feet digitally, they used a section of her arm, from the elbow to the wrist, and they modified the hands.
But the problem was that the legs seemed to long with those proportions, so I spent one hour searching pictures of Dren feet, thinking that I was wrong XD

However, I hope you enjoy it :D
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satan212 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
I think that the movie creators made a mistake adding Dren wings. They are basicly too small to fly... Your drawing is good.
Schytelizard94 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In his female adult stage I agree, they would have probably been useful only to leap further. But The male has bigger wings, as far as I remember the "shorter" one is longer than his entire arm, and the other longer than his height. I think that with a supposable light bone structure the flight isn't impossible

However thank you :)
Kiwi-Fox3 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Nice work man! Glad to see people liked the movie :3
Autrice Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Excellent! I'd make one suggestion: the long bone of the leg that connects to the "foot" should be two bones in order to support the anatomy of the hand/foot. The duality of bones create the ability to rotate or rock the hand/foot for walking, and add attachment points for ligaments.
Schytelizard94 Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! for the watch also :)

I think you're right, her legs are actually a second pair of hands, so they should be similar in structure with her arms.
However as long as i can remember she never "rotates" the feet, she just moves them up and down. You know like a bird or a dinosaur if we wanna make a further comparison, so i guess she don't need bone structure such as the one in radius and ulna, that is what you're talking about.
But mine is just another point of view ;)
castitaslilium8998 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome :)
Schytelizard94 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much :D
RavinWood Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
first id like to say u did an awsome job. now there r 2 things off about this.
1. ur right about the legs. doring the dance seen and when she was younger u clearly see the fimer is shorter. if u look at how the leg bones of a bird or raptor r it will give u a better idea of leg praportions.

2. u missed the wing and dorsal finn bones.

again this is awsome and ill definetly be checking out more of ur art.
Schytelizard94 Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much :D

And I know that there are mistakes, but about the wings and the finn, as I've already said a bone is a rigid structure and can not be flexible and disappear under the skin such as Dren's wings and finns do.
So I thought that they are composed by something else, like cartilage or a flexible tendin structure, so I didn't drew them
RavinWood Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
actualy theres a tipe of bat in the Pasific islands that can sheeth theres wing bones along the arm in a skin flap. do to the ones being jointed it dusent inpeed there walking. and looking at her u can see she had 2 struts per arm leving her elbo free. as for the back ther r fish that can do that same trick. such as sailfish and mud skipers. i see were ur mined was though. thank to u im inspiered to post some of mt creechers and anatamy pix :heart:
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